Industrial Metal Products

Level Wound Coil

Productos Nacobre manufactures an extensive size range of extruded and welded Level Wound Coil (LWC) in both smooth and groove (rifled) formats. Nacobre’s LWC is continually tested for mechanical, dimensional, chemical and cleanness standards throughout the manufacturing process. With advanced computer testing equipment, Nacobre ensures a consistently high quality product reaches the customer.

Level Wound Coil Size Range
O.D. 3/16″ ~ 5/8″
Wall Thickness 0.012″ ~ 0.037″

Other Industrial Tube

Capillary Tube – small diameter tube for use in air-conditioning, refrigeration and automotive industries

Sugar Tube – copper tube with or without annealed ends for use in heat transfer equipment and sugar production processes

Copper and Copper-Alloy Tube
– variety of copper-alloy tubing utilized for their heat exchange properties in electricity generation, water treatment, desalination, chemical and petrochemical processes

Brass Mill Products

Variety of non-ferrous alloys available in strip, bar, rod, sheet and wire form for use in construction, electronics, metal mechanical and automotive industries to name just a few. Brass Mill Products Include but are not limited to:

  • Copper Strip
  • Copper Busbar
  • Copper Sheet
  • Copper Wire
  • Brass Strip
  • Brass Rod
  • Brass Tube