Metal Castings

Trowen International is responsible for territory sales for Invest Cast Inc. in the Rocky Mountain region.

foundry-smallInvest Cast Inc., founded in 1981, is a leader in production and prototype castings. We are able to produce castings in more than 90 metal alloys.  As the largest and fastest producer of cast metal prototypes in the country, we utilize our in-house expertise along with a tight-knit group of engineers and designers who are able to help meet all your unique prototype needs.  From a 3D drawing, we are able to produce your prototype utilizing one of our seven 3D printers to create a production grade metal casting.

Our precision investment prototype castings serve the following industries:

  • Die Cast
  • Extrusion
  • Investment Cast
  • Sand Cast
  • Forging and Complex Metal Stamping industries.

Our company utilizes the latest technology and techniques to produce high quality investment castings. We also offer unmatched industry and technical experience, rapid prototyping and flexible production schedules to meet your needs regardless of the complexity of the project.

Invest Cast Production Capabilities and Services

  • Production Castings
  • Prototype Castings
  • Heat Treatment
  • Machining
  • Plating / Painting
  • Quality Testing
  • Engineering
  • Packaging
  • Assembly