Trowen International, Inc. is a full-service export firm focusing primarily on the sales and distribution of copper alloy tube and copper fittings as well as metal fabrication equipment and consumables.  Trowen draws on 20 years of executive experience in the fields of international sales and logistics.  Management has experience with metal products, industrial equipment, food products and textiles.

Trowen is able to provide its clients with:

  • Full range of products in copper alloy tubing and cutting/welding equipment
  • Technical expertise and assistance
  • Close supervision and communications with manufacturers
  • Ability to source a wide range of products
  • Competitive prices
  • Logistical services ensuring timely delivery of orders

Trowen is able to provide manufacturers and suppliers with:

  • Knowledge of international markets, sales channels and customs
  • 14 years of travel and sales experience in the Middle East
  • Ability to introduce new products into difficult markets
  • Experience in negotiating and securing large projects with large companies in power generation, refining, infrastructure and manufacturing
  • Avoidance of distribution conflict
  • Successful international sales management
  • Professional representation of your firm and its brand